Sunday, December 21, 2014

What we did today - Work

"Come on wake up. You are not sleeping in today," shouted my aunty. I woke up without any care. Could barley walk down the stairs or wash my face properly. "Where are we going aunty." I asked politely. "We're going to work." "WORK" I thought in my head. I didn't want to say it aloud because I wouldn't of got my special present. Thinking in my head, "I thought we finished work at school. So much for the holidays."

As my aunty was making our lunch, we were having porridge for our breakfast.
We put on our shoes and we were off. We started to make the ground not feel much gravel and we tried to flatten it. We did really good. Me and my cousin then started to work on the Gorse. Are you wondering what is Gorse? Well Gorse is a plant that has prickles all over the stalk. And it is very sore. Here is a picture of what the Gorse looks like.

I tried my best to handle it but is was too painful. I wanted to stop straight away. But I never gave up. I tried and tried until we were done. We worked for hours and hours. But after we were done we had these marks of where the Gorse had spiked us. It looks like a rash but no.

As soon as my uncle had finished stacking his second to last stacks of wood. Me and my cousin went back out to Pukekohe and stacked the last stock. Finally we went to Papakura pools. My uncle paid for us to go on the hydro slide, and boy was that fun. We waited for my little sister Stacey and my Niece Jovana. As we were coming out of the slide they saw us and strated bragging. They weren't meant to see us but things happen.

That wasn't the greatest time of my life but it was still kind of fun. (Maybe.) I do not wish to do that again only if we are able to go to the pools again. 

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