Monday, December 1, 2014

Writing Sample - Friends

Who has a good friend that cares and make sure you are Okay? I sure do. Friends are people who are there for you through tough times. And they also make you happy. Make sure you hold onto the good friend you have, and let nothing happen between your friendship. They’re like family to you.

Little did you know that friends could be a teacher. They could teach you about how to play a game that you didn’t know how to play, or teach you about their culture.
Certain friends are shy and may not like mingling in. So it could be your job to ask them, “What is your name,” or introduce yourself first and make her/him feel welcomed.

What is a good friendship? You ask. Well a good friend never lies to you nor go behind your back to do something nasty. Friends help you make the right decision as well. Sure you guys may have some hiccups along the way... but you guys end up making up. And that is a true friend.

Being a friend to someone is a special honour. I love being a friend to my friends. I make them laugh, they make me laugh. But the most important thing in a friendship is making sure you choose a good friend that is good to you as much as you would be to them. If you're not kind then you’re not a friend at all.

I reckon I have the most amazing friends I could ever have. They are kind to me, they show empathy to me and I thank them for that. I have had some hiccups with my friends, but we grew up and got on with our friendship.

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