Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mary's Bio Poem


Hello my name is Mary
I am the daughter of Mary and Brett
I love netball, singing, and really scary movies
I hate being sad, I hate being angry, I hate hating anybody
I want to travel to, Hawaii, Vanuatu, Paris, and America
I wish I could meet, Beyonce, Jessica Mauboy, and Jordin Sparks
I am Scared of poisonous spiders, (That’s it)
I dream that I could be rich, that I could be a singer.
I am proud of me doing well in school, being good at what I do, and being a good netball player.
I live in Glen Innes Auckland, New Zealand
And my name is Mary

Kia Ora my name is Mary
I am dreamer, I am always singing anywhere, everywhere, 
I am noisy, I am happy
I am a sister and a daughter, I am also a mokopuna, (Grandchild)
I am a lover of, netball, and going to places like Rainbows End,
I am tired when I wake up in the morning for school, am always walking slow in the mornings but am always enthusiastic by the middle of the day,
I always go to special birthdays, and engagement parties,  
I always need new shoes like every 2 months, I always need my hair trimmed because I get split ends, I need new books because I love reading,
I fear, spiders (Poisonous spiders) That’s it
I would like to be a millionaire, I would like to finish school, I would like to be a singer and a netball player.
I am a resident of Auckland

My middle name is Shelly

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