Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

While walking into school, I could see balloons hanging off the school hall floor. When it was lined up it looked like a runway at the airport. I went to class but it still wasn't open. So I went back to the hall to have another look. It looked completely different compared to the other starts of the terms. I went back to class I waited for a while then my teacher arrived.

We all walked into the room with lots of chatter. When I walked in it felt like I never went on holiday. But I was glad to be back at school. Class 4 sat on the mat and had a little chit chat, then Miss Squires finally called out the roll.

"Okay so we are just going to put out the chairs and then it will be time to go to assembly." Exclaimed Miss Squires. When we finished what she said we went to immersion assembly. The class sat down and waited patiently for Mr Burt to call out, "Tena Kotou Tamariki Ma." Mr Burt had finally called that out. Mr Burt had his Korero and then called out, "Give a great big Paki Paki for team 1."

When all the teams from 1 to 4 had their turn to demonstrate, it was finally teams 5 turn. Mr Barks and Mrs Nua lead the way down the 'Run way", (The Hall) had the rest of the teachers followed. They had different instruments that I think they made and played it. But it wasn't going to well for them. So luckily they recorded themselves. The video showed up on the screen. The instruments sounded incredible. They had like their own little band.

And then we did the same thing as we would always do at the start of the term... But overall that was the best start of the term........

So the topic for this term is sound... Well it is for the seniors....

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