Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sound Explantion

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without sound? Well it would be very silent. And nobody would be able to listen to the awesome music that singers create. It would be BORING!! If we didn't have sound how could we communicate? Or do our work? We have sound so we can make our own instruments, songs, or even talk to each other. It would be very difficult.

How does sound be recognised? 
Well when you make sound it vibrates and the air molecule ricochet's off, then makes it way into your ear drum. It goes into your ear towards you ear drum and into your brain. Finally your brain notices that it's sound. 

How is sound different?
Well if the pitch is high, sound waves vibrates really fast. But if the pitch if low, the sound waves vibrates slowly. It also depends on the amplitude. How high loud sound is. By Dad can't hear sound, but he can feel it. He knows what the world would be without sound. But he doesn't know what it would be like with sound. But he finds it okay. 

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