Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Practise Narrative + Rubric

As the sun was rising and the birds were chirping two girls named Emma and Janine thought it would be nice to go out for the day. So they both thought and then shouted, “Rainbows End”. They thought it was a good idea. So both girls got ready had breakfast and they hit the road. Emma and Janine arrived at Rainbows End. They could not wait. The girls bought their tickets and went in.

“Lets go on the gold rush”, No lets go on the Invader”, Nooo.... Let’s go on the scary ride”. “What scary ride, I don’t think they have one”. “ Of course they do. Every Theme park does”. “Umm.. Well not this one”. And so on the girls kept fighting on which ride they should go on. “ Lets go onto the roller coaster”, both girls had said to each other at the same time. They both said “Yes” and they went on that ride.

“Next Please”, The conductor shouted. “Yay it’s our turn”, Janine whispered into Emma’s ear. So Emma and Janine jumped into the Roller Coaster and off they went. “Whooo, Yeah this is so Ahhhh”. The girls were having the time of their lives until........ “Ohhh what happened to the ride”. Emma and Janine exclaimed to each other. “Umm... Can everybody stay in their seats and stay calm”, The Conductor shouted. “What has happened”, Janine asked the conductor way down below. “It appears that the Roller Coaster’s stuck and we don’t know how to fix the Roller Coaster so we can get you guys down.”. The Conductor shouted back up to Janine.

“Oh my gosh Emma were stuck up here forever”, “Not forever you silly head they will get someone to come and save us and leave everybody else here”. “Yeah right”. And again both girls fighted but about how they were going to get down. The conductor called for the firefighters, 3 hours later the firefighters wanted to come. They tried to get Emma and Janine off the Roller Coaster because the firefighters thought they needed more help than everybody else because, they looked more scared. But they couldn’t because a Ghost was stopping them.

“What on earth is going on we can’t even get the girls of the Roller Coaster”. One of the Firefighters exclaimed. “Hey I'm Clowney want to know why they call me Clowney it’s because I’m a clown. Pudum Sha. Not in for joke Okay. I can help you. You guys come in a half hour and they will be down”. Half Hour Later. “Ho - Ho - How did you get them down”, One of the firefighters shouted. “It’s a secret”, Clowney said. So Clowney left and left the girls to it. The girls had so much fun except for that part when they got stuck but apart from that they were all good.

The girls went back home made them some lunch and a hot cuppa and then watched T.V. Then Clowney shows up at the window and the girls can’t see him. HAHAHA!!!

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