Friday, October 18, 2013

Organic Orchard

When we first started planting our Organic Orchard we were having no trouble. But 3 months later I could see what the spray was doing to my fruit. It was drawing the insects to my organic fruit and damaging it. I could not believe what I was seeing.
But then since I had stopped spraying the it has drawn the Green Beetle to come and damage my fruit.

Later on me and my sister was thinking of selling our Organic fruit before the Green beetle was damaging the fruit. Now we can not sell our fruit because, our fruit was getting marked by insects and the Green Beetle. So we could not sell our fruit at all.

We still had not sprayed the Orchard, and the Green Beetle had almost disappeared. Did you know that a Praying Mantis egg can hatch into a hundred and fifty Praying Mantises. That is
a lot.

In my Orchard I have had Australian Paper wasps nest growing in some of my plants. They actually do not sting unless you touch then of course they are going to think you are going to harm them. When the Australian Paper wasps hatch they look for Monarch butterflies eggs and eat them. I hate watching them eat the Monarch Butterflies eggs.

I have a Macadamia Tree and it is different to other tree’s. Why you ask? Well it has the rats favourite nuts on this tree and so I like to have One or Two, so the rats leave our Orchard Tree’s to us.

I actually like not spraying my Organic Orchard because I am not putting any poisonous chemicals in my fruit.

If you would like to make an Organic Orchard you can. You just have to believe and make it come true.

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