Friday, November 20, 2015

Andrew Patterson - College Talk

Do you remember the first time you went to college? Or what you felt when you first entered the gates? None of us here at Pt England Intermediate has experienced college as you may know, but in 3 months we will be experiencing the most important start of our lives.

Andrew Patterson came in to talk to us about the different subject that colleges have and extras.
One of the statements that were made by him, were habits. He gave us sheets of paper that had a riddle on it. The riddle was a task to unriddle. The riddle was named, Who Am I? All the year 8’s read it together and was asked if any of us had figured it out. The answer was habits. The riddle was habits. He talked about good habits and bad habits. What are habits? What do they mean? Why do we have them? These were question that were asked to figure out.

I bet you're wondering what does habits got to do with college? Well it has a huge impact for when you go college. You need to have good habits in order to do well in school. As well bad habits to learn from your mistakes. One of the videos that Andrew Patterson showed us said, to make your brain grow you need to make mistakes. This is a meaning that we need to remember.

It was a great talk to prepare us for college, as well as doing well and making us have a good future!

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