Monday, September 10, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

Did you know that if you make 10 people smile a day, then you will have a happy life. Tommy Kapai Wilson, came to our school to tell us special things. Tommy is a real famous guy. Cool.

Tommy taught us 5 LESSONS, and they are......
1. Make 10 people smile a day
2. War and Violence are Dumb
3. Learn how to Forgive
4. Everybody is born with a Gift
There you have it, all the LESSONS Tommy Kapai Wilson taught Pt England.

Did you know that Tommy Wilson has worked for famous people, like the Crown Prince. COOL....  While Tommy was working for the Prince they all had to call him, “ Yes your Royalness”. But after two weeks guess what Tommy got to call the Prince? Bro. Two weeks later Tommy could call him mate.

The Crown Prince bought Tommy a Ferrari..... MEAN... I thought he was lucky. To me I think that Tommy Kapai Wilson has had a life journey. He is so clever. Tommy got that Ferrari from the Crown Prince, because he made him smile everyday.

Rich people have got everything, but in life they got nothing. Love and happiness is all that is important. Tommy Kapai Wilson is a Childrens book Author. Tommy Wilson is fun and cool.

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