Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Story About The Beach

My mum called out, “Who wants to go to the beach”. We all replied back, “ WE DO”!!!!!! “ I can’t wait till we get there”. I said to my mum. We packed some lunch then left. “ Finally we’re leaving. It took you guys long enough”. My big sister exclaimed.

“ Yay we made it. We finally made it”. After getting changed, I ran towards the beach. I jumped onto the rocks, I almost slipped but no. With a big splash I was gone. I had an half an hour swim. It was so incredible, but no one wanted to join me because, the water was too cold. It was lunch time. “ I’m starving”. My cousin Xavier had finished before me. He ran to the beach.

Xavier quickly hopped onto the rocks. He accidently landed with his feet in the puddle,                     then Xavier slipped. “ Oh no!!!!! Mum, mum. Xavier fell”. We all ran down to the rocks. “ Are you alright”. My sister exclaimed. “ No, I think I broke my back”. “Quickly call an ambulance”. My mother shouted in a very panicked way.

The ambulance came and took Xavier to the Hospital. Me and my mum had to go with him. I didn’t recognized we were at the Hospital. They ran him into the room. Xavier was tossed onto this bed. He had to have surgery.

Xavier was was gonna be okay, he just had a very very serious back injury. Today wasn’t the day it turned out to be.

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