Friday, November 2, 2012

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

While Charlie was walking along the footpath, he found a silver coin in the drain. “ I am going to buy a Wonka Bar”. He cried out loud. So off he went with his lucky coin....

As Charlie walked into the door, the bell rang, Ding Ding. “ May I have a scrumdiddlyumptious Wonka Bar please, Oh and make it the biggest one you have?” Charlie asked nicely. “ Sure”. The shopkeeper answered back. “ Here you are”. he said. “ Thank You”. Charlie replied feeling very relieved.

Charlie tore the wrapper off as fast as he could and shoved the chocolate down his throat. “Hey, hey, hey slow down eh, you could get a stomach ache if you eat like that”.  Warned the shopkeeper. Charlie kept eating. The shopkeeper gave back Charlie’s change. He thought of buying one for his Grandpa Joe. So he did.

After Charlie had bought his Grandfather’s chocolate, he walked outside. “ Slow down okay, one at a time”. Exclaimed the man. Everybody was crowding all around the newspaper man. Charlie looked over at them. He went to go and see what the were all yapping about. At last he saw the paper. “ The fifth ticket had been a fake”.

Charlie walked away quietly. He hoped he still might have a chance. Charlie hid away in a little corner. He ripped the outside wrapper of Grandpa’s chocolate, then tore the inside carefully. Little Charlie  saw a piece of gold hanging out. He quickly shut it as if it wasn’t real. Then opened it again and took the whole thing out.

Then with a fright, a lady pulled his arm, and dragged Charlie towards the crowd. “ He’s found it, he’s got the last golden ticket”. The lady yelled out. “ May I look, Hey move out of the way”. Everybody was saying. The shopkeeper pulled onto Charlie’s arm, then moved him away. “Run, run hold on to that ticket and don’t stop running till you get home”. The shopkeeper shouted. Charlie sprinted all the way home.

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