Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cross Country Training

As Room 13 walked towards the courts, I asked “What is going on”? Miss King exclaimed  “ We are doing Cross Country”. “ I don’t feel like doing cross country”, I said to myself.

Sitting down. Mr Marks said “Year 5 Girls”. Finally it was our turn. Getting ready to go, my heart was pounding. “GO”!!!!!!!! Mr Marks yelled.  

Running through the breeze, my heart was pounding 2 times worse than before. I said to my friend “ I feel really tired”. “But we haven’t even ran a lap”. Keis exclaimed. “ I know but”........ I gasped.

Running past Mr Sommerville, I stopped. He said “ Keep on running you can do it, don’t stop”. While running, I was struggling to breathe. “ Why oh why, do we have to do Cross Country? Teachers these days!”. I shouted.

Finally we are finished. I feel like I had done more than just a lap. I hope next time it rains, because running is TIRING!!!!!! My goal for Cross Country is to make the whole way and do my very best.

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