Friday, December 9, 2011


Why is there no oxygen in any of the planets? Do you think you can survive there. I don’t, because you can only survive for 4 minutes. So no you can’t survive there for more than 4 minutes, or you will die.

The problem of living on Saturn is that it has major storms so no humans can survive there.

Another problem is that there is no oxygen on Saturn so no one can ever ever live there because they will die.

If humans tried to live on Saturn the main problem would be that there is no oxygen there. Humans can only survive for 4 minutes without oxygen, so it is vital that there is a fresh supply on the new planet.

One way to solve that problem is to connect pipes from earth to Saturn and then breathe through the pipes to get oxygen.

Another solution could be to fill a big ball of oxygen and then take it to Saturn. The big ball will last you for 8 years.

You can take 10 bottles that is filled with oxygen, not only that you can fill a space suit with oxygen.

How long do you think it would take for us to build the pipes? Well it would take 2 days and 2 hours. The pipes are made out of plastic. Why do you think I’m going making it plastic. Well I don’t know. Wait until the future. I’m gonna make this machine which is called The fasternator. So when the oxygen goes through the pipes it could go faster. I wonder if anybody will go to Saturn in the future.

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