Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a day a the beach

WOW!!!!!! Starting my day off at the beach. We were going to St Heliers

1 Day at St Heliers Beach.

When we were driving to St Heliers beach I was so excited. I was talking to my cousins but they weren’t listening cause they couldn’t be bothered. We finally got there. I jumped out of the car and got into my togs, then ran into the cold, frezzing, water. But then I stayed in the water so I can get warmer.

While I was swimming with my cousins I felt something under the water. So I went under the water and it was a lovely shell. When it was time to go home I got out of the beach and I took the shell with me. “YAY!!!! Were home!!!!!”. Yelled my cousin Emma.

That was my day at the beach. What a day at the beach!!!!!


  1. I love St Heliers beach. It is right down the road from my house and we must have been there almost everyday during the holidays.
    Remember to include as much detail as you can for your audience and leave out all the boring stuff!

    1. Thanks Miss King I will remember that once I write a story. I will try and leave out the boring stuff. Your the best.