Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ben Carson


Have you been to Telstra Clear Pacific. Well the Year 5 to 8 went to Telstra Clear to go and learn about Ben Carson. The event was about how Ben Carson was living when he was little. We were transport by a bus. From there back to school.

While Entering the building I gasped. I looked at the walls it pulled my consentration away from myself. Jona Lomu was on the walls but it wasn’t a real picture it was just colours. That blew my eyes away from what I was seeing on the walls. It was a real good experience for me.

When it was time for us to sit down the teachers were telling us were to go like “ You go over there, move over so she can fit”. It was NOISY!!!!! and frustrating.....

Do you know that Ben Carson separated these con-joined twins. It sounds sad but they survived. If it wasn’t for Doctor Ben Carson, the con-joined twins would be still stuck together.
Ben Carson was a Gifted Surgeon. Against all the odds he worked hard to become rich. Now he is famous because he is a Brain Surgeon not only that he is CLEVER!!!! If it wasn’t for his knowledge he wouldn’t be rich.

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