Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mrs Pig and her Three Little Piggies

Once there lived a mother pig and her 3 little piggies. The piggies were hungry for some sweets. So they forced their mother to get some sweets. Their mother wasn’t too sure to leave her piggies home alone because, their was a big bad wolf on the loose.

But the mother had talked to her piggies and said, “ Okay, I may get your sweets but you have to promise me one thing....... Do not open the door to anyone except for me. No matter what.”
“ Okay mummy.” And off went their mother.

The Wolf had heard everything because he was in the forest, right next to the house. So he had heard every single word. The big bad wolf waited till the mother pig had left and then started planning his cunning plan. 2 hours later.

“ Oh little pigs, little pigs let me in,” cried the wolf. “ Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Mama said to not let anybody in no matter WHAT!” Said the three little pigs. “ But I am your mama, and I got your sweets.” Cried the wolf. “ Well it does sound like mama.” Exclaimed the littlest pig of them all, “ Open the door, open the door.” Said the little pig. The pigs were kind of dumb so they kind of didn’t know what they were doing.

The wolf burst open the door and gobbled up the three pigs altogether. An hour later the mother pig had come home and she opened the door, and shouted “ WHERE ARE MY THREE LITTLE PIGS!”

The wolf cried “ Oh mama Pig were over here.” So the mother pig ran to her piggies but really it was the big bad wolf. The wolf said that because he thought he could eat mama pig.

Mama pig had finally made but all she saw was the big bad wolf sitting in her rocking chair saying “ Mm-mm.” Mama pig was furious.

She head butted the wolf 4 times. 3 times to get her piggies out and one extra to fly him way across the village.
The piggies and the pigs mother were happy.
And the big bad wolf was never seen again.

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