Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Netbook Reflection

Hello my name is Mary and I am a year 6 student in room 17 at Pt England School. This will be my fourth year here. I love it here at this school, because it is fun and there are a lot of nice students and we get to have our own NETBOOK!!!. If you check out my other Blog post you will see how I got my first Netbook when I was year 4. Here is a link to my blog post when I got my first netbook. ( Netbook) We were meant to get our Netbooks at year 5. But I was in a class mixed with year 5’s.

How I have helped other Kids
I have helped other kids this year by my blog. How you ask? Well we put things on our blog that connects to the world. And people around the world looks at our blog and see’s something that they have never seen before. And Zld like to find out more they can go to our class sites and/or look at our school site. There are a lot of links on our sites especially on our school site. In other word for this is... Learn, Create, and Share.

What I have learnt off my Teacher
What Mr S has taught me this year was editing our writing online in google docs to make it better and how to make it better. Mr S has taught me a lot. I like having him as my literacy teacher. Thank you Mr S.

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