Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Show not Tell Setting

Kicking off the blanket Sarah could feel her T-Shirt wet with sweat and was craving for water. Sarah walked into the kitchen and turned on the light so she could see where the tap was. While she was at it she put her head into the freezer because her head was so dripping with sweat. No matter how many she would wipe her head with a towel it would just keep dripping. She walked back up the stairs and back into her bed. She didn't bother putting her blanket back on otherwise she would of fainted. She had soaked the bed with all her sweat, you could swim in it.
Sarah opened her window and waited impatiently for the breeze to go into her room. She was so tired and wanted to get back to sleep, but she couldn't. She would toss and turn this and that. The sun was finally rising and Sarah still couldn't get to sleep. When it was freezing cold in the morning Sarah could finally get to sleep because the breeze finally went into her room.

When walking to school Sharon was wearing 2 T-Shirts and 1 thick jacket. When she arrived at school she was still wearing that clothing because she was shivering. Her face was pale and her eyes looked red rimmed, and she was wheezing.
No matter how much sweat shirts she would out on she would still be wheezing and having red rimmed eye. When she went back home she quickly out on a fire made her a hot chocolate and put on a blanket. The next day Sharon got sick because she was walking to school in the cold.

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