Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Staying in Hospital

For the last couple of days my Nan has been in hospital. It was unfortunate that she was diagnosed with an infection on her leg. It first started with a black hole in her leg. My Nan Maria thought that it would heal by itself... And as she left it, the hole began to expand and became infected.

That same weekend my Nan went Up North to see the family. Once she got back she felt chills everyday and night. She became very ill and was rushed to hospital. She had come down with hay fever which cause an infection on her leg.

She stayed in overnight for observations and stuff and was unfortunate and told that she was going to have surgery to close up the hole and make it feel alright. Once my Nan was noted everytime the clock hit 2.00am she was nill by mouth which means was not aloud to eat. Nan had waited for two days without food and the next morning went into surgery. I was relieved once she had come out and she was feeling alright. She was bit weezy and felt sleepy but that was all part of the process.

My Nan is feeling alright now and her leg is fine! I'm glad that she had surgery because she wouldn't be here today!

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  1. What an unfortunate event to have happened with your Nan, and I know exactly how you felt. But luckily this ended on a positive note!

    -Willy, from Tamaki Primary :-)