Monday, April 11, 2011

Glee Club

Last Friday we had assembly, and we did the normal things we do in assembly, but also in assembly we saw two pictures and they said “You are the gift, Glee Club.” So after we had done all the things we normally do in assembly, the whole school watched a performance and the performance was called Glee Club.
Before the performance started miss M introduced the dances to us. One dance was called the the Pt England way, and the second one was a rap that was written by Lepa and Kalim.
While they were singing, I thought it looked scary and sounded scary too. Then it was time for the second performance and that performance was Lepa’s rap. Lepa was the one that wrote the words Miss Lavakula made up the dance, I just thought it looked fantastic. When the Glee Club finished the performances, the school clapped and the they had to take a bow.

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  1. Hi Mary this is Porscha from room 14. You probably haven't heard of me. I really liked your story about the Glee club I liked how you told us what performances you did I'd really like to read some more.BYE!