Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Tower

Straw Towers

Early in the morning we had to make straw towers. First room 13 had to watch a video before making the straw towers. The video was about some children making straw towers, and the video was made in the united states. When room 13 finished watching the video miss King told us to get into a group of six. So when we finished getting into a group of six we got started. Our group witch is Sela, Jordenne, Mary witch is me, Chyna, Lesieli, Iron. The whole class only got 75 straws. So our group got to work. Lesieli done the bottom and Iron was telling us what to do and I was just sitting there. Then I was thinking should I make my own so I can help them go a little bit faster. So I done my own and then Lesieli thought my one was better and straight so did Sela. So they rather helped me instead of Jordenne so then I felt sorry for Jordenne so Lesieli helped me and Jordenne. When Jordenne was building hers, it wasn’t ballanced it was about to fall, myone wasn’t about to fall because my one was neat and tidy. BUT then we didn’t have enough time we only had one minute so we had to rush to put my one on to Jordennes and then miss King said
“okay bring your straw towers on to the blue table” so we put our straw towers on to the blue table and then we had to sit on the mat, then miss king was looking at ours and then Levis team. Then miss King chose Levis team and then levis team won and then I think we came second or Theas team.
Miss King wanted us to do straw towers because we need to learn how to work as a team.



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