Thursday, June 13, 2013

Magician sinking in quicksand

Once there lived a magician who wanted to go on holiday. His name was Sam. Sam was tired of performing for people. He thought “ I should have a break and go on holiday”.

So a week later Sam booked his tickets to go to a Island. The island was just normal like every other. But Sam had an special island of his own. When the plane was in mid air it was flying across Sams island. Sam got a parachute and jumped out of the plane.

“ WHOO HOO ” cried Sam. “ I can see the sea from here “. Sam yelled. “ Oww “.... Sam replied. “ I’m here whoo I made it to my island”. Sam cried. “Whoosh Whoosh” the trees said to Sam. “ Chirp Chirp, hello Sam “. “ Hello Chirpy “ Sam Replied. Sam’s Island had a lot of creatures and they all knew Sam. When the animals saw Sam the were surprised.

As Sam the magician finished settling in, he went to go for a dip in the sea. “ Splash”. Went the water. “ Ahhh the water feels nice “, cried Sam. Sam hopped out of the water and played with his friends in sand. “ Boom Boom “ Thunder and lightning flashing through sky. Skies going grey. Sam didn't realise what was happening because he was having too much fun.

It started raining. “ Oh no I'm sinking in quicksand. Help me you guys “. Cried Sam “ Were trying but your too heavy “. Everybody tried pulling Sam out of the quicksand. Sam’s friends were slowly getting Sam out. Chirpy was the clever one. “ Come on everybody behind me we can all pull each other then we might get Sam out . On Three. 1, 2, 3 “. Everybody pulled Sam out. “ Yay “. Sam was relieved that he was out of the quicksand. The next day was his birthday. So Sam sent out an invitation to all his friends.

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