Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Southern Quest Antarctica

It was in 1985, and I was studying penguins in Southern Africa. One day I was buying more supplies for my research. Not until I saw a huge ship pull in. It was “ Antarctic expedition “. I went to go have a look. I took a step into the ship. I asked for Captain Phippen. He was in the paper, that’s how I knew.

Captain Phippen showed me around the ship. He offered me a job. Captain Phippen asked me,  “ How would you feel about going to Antarctica and study more about penguins “. I was in total shock. “ Umm.. Umm.... YES “. I exclaimed. Captain Phippen also said that we were leaving tomorrow. “ Okay “. I couldn’t wait to tell my family.

“Mum, Dad I am going to Antarctica”. I shouted. “ What why?”. My parents said at the same time. “ I am going to study more about penguins “. “ Well if it’s what you want then you can go “.
My family was happy but also sad.

It was raining as we left and headed out to sea. I was sad because I wasn’t gonna see my family for at least two years. But I was also proud because I got to follow my dream and see Antarctica.

We stopped in New Zealand, to pick up 5 expeditioners who were to spend the winter in Antarctica. So we left New Zealand. We were half way to Antarctica. Until I saw Mt Erebus. The 400 m high volcano Of Ross Island.

We arrived in Antarctica. We unloaded the ship it took days. It lasted 6 days to unload the ship. We started building the expedition hut. Made of wood, and less than eight meters by five. So I started studying penguins for two years. And it was all a big success.

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