Thursday, May 7, 2015

Letter to Gustave Guttenbeill

In Literacy we have been focusing about ANZAC. This is part of our year 7 & 8 topic for this term and we have been working really hard to find out what it really means. In week 3 our focus in Writing has been on the letters that was sent to and from family and friends. Some didn't even receive any. This is my letter I wrote to Gustave Guttenbeil.

Mary Patterman
130 Pt England
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Gustave Guttenbeil,

First of all I am honoured to be able to write this letter to... About my thoughts and feeling towards the actions that has been made against you.
I am very very sorry to hear what had happen to you. I wish I could help you in every way, truly. The way that the Germans are treating you is non - acceptable and shall not be tolerated. Even though you were fighting for British, (Which I am very grateful for) that should give them the motive to hold you as a prisoner. You know more of you Tongan side.Your father was born in Tonga and raised in New Zealand and married a Tongan woman which is now your mother. This should give you a higher chance of not becoming a prisoner.

I really want to help you Mr. Guttenbeil. But until  that help comes you just need to sit in there tight and pray for God’s help, and forgiveness. Your blessings will  come!

Yours Sincerely,
Mary Patterman Henry

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