Friday, May 8, 2015

Zeal Zone Cooking - ANZAC Biscuits

Every Friday we have 5 groups of Zeal Zones. Each week we change but we have finish our work from our previous Zeal Zone.
The Zeal Zone Groups are...
1.) Mr Wiseman - Music
2.) Miss Tito/Miss Clark - Art
3.) Mrs Tele'a - Cooking
4.) Mrs Moala - Geography
5.) Miss Peato - Fitness.
All these Zeal Zone groups relate to ANZAC. What they ate? What they did? What kind of music they sang? And what Fitness they did?
This is part of our topic this term and it really helps us especially Geography.

So my group was in cooking and it was really fun. We were chatting a bit loud but we got their in the end. We did make ANZAC Biscuits and this Presentation shows what ingredients you need to make these delicious snacks.

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