Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Going to TVNZ

As most of our students do on the first week of school here at Pt England, we write a recount about our immersion assembly. An immersion assembly is the starting of the term. So the teachers and everyone participates on what the students of that team are doing or the rest of the term. BUT.... I wasn’t here on Monday so we are going to write a recount about one thing I did during the holidays.

On the second week of the holidays I participated in a holiday programme that Miss King had organized for me and Sela. It was marvelous. I met so many kind people and they were quite nice to me. Most of the kids there were older than Sela and I didn't mind.

It was a three day event, filled with adventure and creativity. My favorite day would have to be the second day. Why? Well the holiday programme was held at the Viaduct Center, not so far from TVNZ. Everyone was excited for this day.
From the Viaduct Center, we walked up and down hills, across roads, and ended up at the TVNZ where they make the, Good Morning show and One News. It was incredible.

Johnson that used to be a presenter on What Now was there and introduced himself to us. Johnson was so chill and was calm when it came to our turn to present our own show that we created. At one time I got to be the host and I was so terrified that I was going to muck up the lines! But then Johnson came to me and said, “Smile, Relax and you’ll be fine.” Once he said that I felt much more better. I think I did a pretty good job.
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Later during the day I got to do camera and be the director. Directing isn’t that easy. You have to switch cameras at the right time so you can see everyone talking and getting the single shots. I couldn’t remember them all so I wanted to leave... But I didn’t. I stayed on till the job was done.
Cameras on the other hand was excellent. I had a blast on the cameras. We moved around a lot and pulled up and down on the lever that was FUN!
Image result for Tvnz
Image result for Tvnz
Overall I had a great time and experience. I would like to thank Miss King and her friend for giving me and Sela the opportunity of having a great holiday. Of course that was my first ever time at TVNZ so it was quite an amusing time. I think that'll be my last but I wont forget what a great time I had. Couldn't have done it without you guys!

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