Friday, October 23, 2015

The Time Something of Mine Went Missing

Recently I got a new phone. It wasn’t flash but it was good enough for me. The phone was a android and had everything a phone should have. Not one glitch in this phone at all. I liked my phone, it had games, music, and could take amazing photos, until one day! My phone went missing.

On the day it went missing I had just woken up. The night before we had just come back from my Uncle's funeral. Opening my eyes I just remembered I needed to get in touch with my sister because she was staying at my nan’s. I reached out for my phone. I couldn’t find anything. While I was getting out of bed, I was wondering where it could be.

It was important that I find my phone because if I didn’t get in touch with my sister, she wouldn’t know how to come home. I started looking! Under the bed? No! Between the couch? No! “Aroha, do you know where my phone is?” Aroha was my cousin that was looking after me. She replied without any care, “No.” I knew she wouldn’t take any notice, but to me this was serious.

Half the day passed by. I started thinking. “Could my phone be still at the marae?” I didn’t want to think that it could be, but there was a possibility. Aroha and I took a walk to Glen Innes Town Center. We used the phone box. I called my mum. “Mum have you seen my phone?” “Yes it’s here at the Marae you left it here. I’ve already called your nan and your sister will be dropped off tomorrow.” As soon as I heard those exact words I was relived.
The rest of my day went on fine, and not another worry went through my head. I hope that nothing like that ever happens again!

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  1. Mary your piece of writing was so cool! It really grabbed my attention.

    Keep up the awesome writing :-)