Monday, December 10, 2012


I think that I am better at my writing compared to last year. I’ve improved a lot of my writing. It is amazing because last year I was terrible at my writing. I thought about learning very carefully this year. That’s how I improved my writing. By focusing.

This year was very surprising because I also improved my reading. I’m reading at age 13, and I’m only a 9 year old. That is amazing. I never knew that I could do it. I would have enjoyed doing more movie making and a bit more writing. To me writing is fun. Also movie making. I want to do more movie making because it is fun and is interesting.
My goals for next year is to get a little bit better at my writing and to add more detail to it.

Having a netbook is better than a pen and paper because, on our netbooks we can go online, on our blogs. Everything. But when we are with pen and paper..... It hurts my fingers.

The best thing about being a Year 5 is that I had a lot of fun. It was interesting to learn more about cameras how you can take interesting pictures. Learning how to use a Galaxy Tablet and ipads.

It is all to do with..... LEARN, CREATE, SHARE!!!!

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  1. Your story is very good. I like it when you talk about using your netbook. You should put more pictures next time to make it better.