Monday, July 8, 2013

School Holidays

The school holidays are coming up and me and my family are going away. We were going to spend more time together with my big sister ( Breanna ) because we hardly see her and she doesn’t live with us. She lives with my aunty and uncle in Remuera.

I can’t believe it’s the school holidays already. That is so quick. Although I just came back to school in week 7, and it is week 10 now. It has only been 3 weeks. We finish school this week. I love the school holidays but then I don’t like it. Why? you ask. Because when it’s time to go to school I don’t want to that’s why.

In the school holidays it is really fun but also sad because you are having the time of your life but then it ends because school. But I really love school. When I’m at home and I am ready to come to school I don’t want to go but then when I’m at school, I am glad I came.

On the the last day of school we go to the hall. Mr Burt talks about the three R’s which are Rails, Roads and Rivers. Then we say SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!! Really really loud. Then we say goodbye to our teachers and give them a big hug and then we leave.

We have already had a set of our holidays and this is our second part of our holidays WEE HOO!!
School Holidays Here I Come!! Well Not Really. HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!

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