Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trip To Kelly Tarltons

While walking into the doors of Kelly Tarltons I thought, " Where are all the fishes and Sharks and Penguins ". But then we walked a bit further and there I saw the Penguins. As I was looking at the Penguins swimming in the water, something happened...... I slipped by accident. It hurt so badly but I recovered and just carried on.

Before we left school we brought our Netbooks. So when ever I saw interesting things I take pictures and videos of what is going on.

We looked at all the other fishes and sharks, but then it came to the time when we had to go to the school room. It was so exciting. The teachers name was Janice. She told us about Penguins. Also what clothes they wore back in the days and the clothing they wear now.

She told us about Emperor Penguins and here are some facts about them:
Where it lives: It is only found in Antarctica.
What it eats: They eat fish,crabs,shrimp, krill and squid.  
What it looks like: They have a black head, chin and throat. They have patches of yellow on their throat and near their ears. They have short wings that help them to dive. They have brown eyes.

Weight: They weigh about 60 to 90 pounds.
Height: They are about 36 to 44 inches tall.
And that is what the teacher Janice taught us in the School Room.
Hoped you liked my story of Kelly Tarltons.
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Thank you Rave for editing my peaceful work. Thank you.

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  1. Hey Mary,

    It was a really fun trip wasn't it? I really enjoyed reading this post. I thought you had really good sentences and I like the pictures at the end they were funny and fun.

    Well Done and Keep Up the Good Work

    From Rave