Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is THAT!

Something was crawling up foot, and as I looked down....... “ AHHH “. I screamed. “ What is it “. I yelled. “ It can’t be”. My sister said. “ It can’t be what “. I screamed with fear. “ It’s the Hypnotiser bug “. My sister exclaimed while staring longingly at the bug. “ What can it do to me “. I replied back. “ It can’t just do something to you, it can do something to all of us. It can hypnotise all of us. But we will be able to stop the Hypnotise bug before it hypnotise everybody”. My sister replied back to me, while still staring at the filthy bug.

“ We at least have to burn the Hypnotiser bug“. My sister said in a mysterious way. “ Oh okay then I just don’t want to be hypnotised”. I replied to my sister while walking away. “ Wait we need a liter and some paper and some gas”. My big sister exclaimed.

So then we grabbed some, Paper, a liter and some gas from the gas station. We all walked back to mountains. My big sister started the fire and grabbed the Hypnotiser bug of my foot and, chucked it in the fire. She added some wood and gas, to make the fire real big. Then the fire went down and the Hypnotiser bug was burnt. And there was no more Hypnotiser bugs.

The End

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